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You are celebrated, when you come home to Siyaram’s.

While you are out there to make a difference to the world, we’re here to make a difference to your persona. Adorn yourself with the fabric of comfort, warmth, love and belongingness.

It’s your home. No matter where ever you go, come home to Siyaram’s.

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Our brand

You are the best brand we have.

We've maneuvered each of our brands to showcase craftsmanship par excellence and authenticity in approach.

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What's New

Bringing you the talks of the trends

While style is rooted in your persona, fashion evolves to keep up with you. We bring you meticulously curated blogs that would keep you updated with every nuance of invention and innovation in the world of garments.

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When you seek, we are found.

We are always going to be around to celebrate your homecoming.

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About Siyaram's

Siyaram’s Silk Mills Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, committed to creating world-class fabrics for the fashion forward trendsetters.

For four decades now, their bespoke men’s wear fashion has been synonymous with high quality, continuous innovation and iconic futuristic designs which are local at heart and international in appeal.

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